The Benefits of Fertility Acupuncture

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The Benefits of Fertility Acupuncture

As a fertility acupuncture clinic in Oakland, our patients are often curious about how fertility acupuncture treatments work.  Fertility acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique that uses needles to stimulate energy flow in specific areas of the body. It has been used for centuries to treat infertility and improve pregnancy rates.  Some studies show that acupuncture for fertility may improve the odds of getting pregnant by up to 60%!  Even though this form of traditional medicine has been around for thousands of years, the science to back up the results is still in its infancy.

Why Does Fertility Acupuncture Work?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners believe that there are 12 main channels of energy called meridians that run through the body. These meridians correspond with organs and glands and regulate bodily functions. In TCM, each organ corresponds to one of these meridians. An oversimplification of the theory is that if any of these meridians become blocked, then the corresponding organ will not function properly. This blockage can cause symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and digestive issues.  Some theories in circulation about TCM embrace the placebo effect which credits the benefits of acupuncture to the power of the mind.  Many doctors of Western medicine have witnessed the apparent stress reduction benefits of their own patients or by becoming a patient of acupuncture themselves.

What Makes Fertility Acupuncture Different From Other Methods?

Fertility acupuncture uses needles to stimulate the meridian points along the spine, abdomen, and legs. It also involves acupressure techniques to release tension and improve circulation. Unlike Western medical treatments, fertility acupuncture does not use hormones or drugs. Instead, it focuses on restoring balance within the body by stimulating the flow of qi (energy).

How Can You Benefit From Fertility Acupuncture?

People have used fertility acupuncture for centuries to get pregnant. In fact, Chinese medicine practitioners believe that acupuncture can help regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce inflammation, and promote ovulation. Acupuncturists also believe that acupuncture improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.

Are There Any Side Effects To Fertility Acupuncture? (Yes)

While there are no known side effects to fertility acupuncture, some people do report mild discomfort during treatment. This usually goes away after a few minutes. If you feel any pain or discomfort, tell your practitioner immediately.  There are points that are not advised while pregnant so be sure to tell your acupuncturist if you may have conceived.  They’ll need to choose the points accordingly.  At Culpepper Acupuncture, we are licensed acupuncturists who specialize in fertility acupuncture in Oakland and throughout the Bay Area.  We’re here to answer any questions you have about fertility acupuncture near you.

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