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21 Day Liver Purification Program

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The 21 day purification program

This 21 Day Cleanse is for people who want to skyrocket their metabolism to the next level quickly and sustainably.

 Do you have trouble taking off weight?  Is your digestion all over the place, fluctuating from constipation to diarrhea?  Is your skin aging quicker than you think it should?  Do your joints hurt?  Do you write off a cluster of symptoms to “old age”?  

In three weeks we’ll purge toxins, quell oxidative stress, and supercharge the metabolism by focusing on micro and macronutrients through a highly organized plan of action. Results reported by patients:  feeling more trim, having more energy, and feeling like they’ve got a new lease on life.

You’ll be supported throughout the cleanse with 4  30 minute LIVE accountability coaching calls with Marny Culpepper, L.Ac. and your cohort. Calls typically take place in the evening around 7 PM PST~ 5 days before the cleanse starts, the day it begins, at the mid-point, and the final day of the cleanse for coaching on reintroduction to specific foods.  You’ll get access to all replays in your email inbox.

The next cohort begins 10/10/20 but don’t delay!  The program closes on the last day of September and you must get your order in with Marny by that date, at the latest.  Click the scheduling link for access to a {free} 15 minute chat with Marny to assure you’re a good fit for the program and to sign up.

“I have been going to Marny for acupuncture and cupping regularly since March 2018.  My main issue at the time was chronic pain in my right hamstring and tightness in my right forearm.  After just a few sessions this pain is completely gone.  Marny has helped me in other aspects of my life including coaching me on a food cleanse to feel better and lose a few extra pounds.  The food cleanse has altered my diet, resulted in the loss of five pounds and dropped my cholesterol level from 243 to 160 mg/dl (while on the cleanse).  I feel better and more in control of my life.”


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