I’m Marny

I made the decision to live a life of service when I was in my twenties. Growing up, I wasn’t likely to say I wanted serenity or joy. I had my sights on other things: bartending in San Francisco, smoking pack after pack of cigarettes, drinking Monster Chaos, eating whatever I felt like. I was on a path to health annihilation. I was wired-tired, uninspired, and afraid to make changes in my life. I felt out of control of my own well-being.


something shifted. It became more painful to stay the same person making the same choices than it was to actively look at my fear of changing. I committed to becoming the woman I knew existed within me, and began to forge meaningful change in my life. I put down the cigarettes and the Monster Chaos, chose my food more carefully, and began to look inward at the emotional roots of my distructive behavior.

In making the daily decision to put my health first, and to safeguard my future from disease, the natural byproduct has been a sense of deep inner peace and happiness. I’m not perfect; it isn’t always there. But I have the map, and I know how to get there.

My passion and purpose is to cultivate this degree of wellness, self-awareness, self-compassion, and above all self-care in all my clients.

“I love treating women, mommas, mommas-to-be, and aspiring mommas. I also feel a deep calling, affinity, and talent for working with clients struggling with chronic pain and dis-ease.”


I strive for all my patients to feel this sense of ease and joy that is inextricably linked to health. Today, with over 8 years of experience providing integrative health care, I rest at night knowing that with a little willingness and micro-changes on the daily, patients can (AND WILL) realign with their highest selves.


It All Starts With You