I’m Marny

Hello and welcome! I appreciate you poking around my website.  If you leave with just one thought in your head, let it be this: you are worthy of working less and knowing life will not fall apart.  You’re worth the time spent to relax your body, soul, and mind.  If you’re a parent or not a parent, you’re worth figuring out how not to burn out.  You’re worth making sure your “battery” stays charged.  You’re worth it.

After having my first baby I was on a path to prove my ability to be a super mom and do it all right and right away. I overdid it and paid for it physically and emotionally.  To be honest, that would’ve been the case even if I wasn’t trying to be a super mom.  I was struggling with the ups and downs of parenting and dealing with the relationship strain that sometimes goes along with that.  Now I’m a mom of two with a busy career recommitting every day to the practice of balance and joy.

Sometimes it’s simple and sometimes it’s complex, heavy, and straight up HARD.  That’s the truth with health too.  When I work with patients we use tangible data like tracking and testing to corral intangible experiences like mood swings, cravings, and hot flashes.  Sometimes finding a safe container is enough for the body to begin to unravel the knots on its own.

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Burnout and overwhelm are the body’s way of saying that a possible diagnosis like infertility, hormone disruption, insulin resistance, or metabolic imbalance is on the horizon.

Pregnancy, fertility, and menopause are the most important chapters of a person’s life.  We owe it to ourselves to get the best possible support while going through these epic transitions.


It All Starts With You